Kingdoms Iron and Blood Launching, LYTO Promotes New Style of SLG To Mobile Game Market

January, 28th 2021

Mobile games have dominated the Indonesian gaming market for the past few years, and fortunately, 49% of mobile gamers do not hesitate to spend money to buy in-game items. Newzoo’s data showed that Indonesian mobile gamers spend an average of $9 USD every year.

The SLG game genre is also a favorite among Indonesian gamers and is also populated by gamers with large spendings. 41% of gamers, in fact, are willing to buy in-game items in the strategy genre. Today, LYTO made an interesting decision by launching a new gameplay style of SLG. The story surrounds by the popular IP of ‘3 Kingdoms’ complete with all of the most awaited character such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Jian.

Powered by the theme of 3 nation war, LYTO brings out the enthusiasm of real international battle where players are able to feel the real-time-battle with 3 countries, including: Indonesia, Taiwan, and Korea. Kingdoms Iron and Blood is not only a pioneer of a new SLG but also a kick-starter to bring out the enthusiasm and the nationalism among those three nations.

The number of pre-registers increased significantly day by day, as it reached more than a hundred thousand of players just in a short time. Players are fascinating the idea of being able to attack the opponents’ country without having the responsible to build up the town, upgrades building and decorating the city for nothing. Kingdoms Iron and Blood, is a new style of SLG that brings out war into the most hectic activity that players are able to experience even by the first time they install the game. Not only limited to the war itself, the game feature includes :

  • Alliance System (Guild Function)
  • Real Time Battle System
  • Heroes Training and Skill Advancement


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